Evie McRae Gaia's Light Akashic RecordsHello and Welcome to Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy. My name is Evie and I am a transformational writer, author and spiritual consultant. I am also a qualified Akashic Records Reader and Akashic Healer as well as a Reiki Australia Accredited Reiki Practitioner. 

As a published author, writer/ghostwriter, I have been featured in a number of Spiritual, Health & Wellbeing publications both in Australia and the UK.  I am a  former Deputy Editor of Natural Health & Wellbeing, though more recently I was the Ghostwriter for Internationally acclaimed Psychic Medium Peter Williams. His Memoir “Searching Spirit” officially launched on 18th August 2019 and already has a swathe of 5-star reviews.

The beauty of Gaia’s Light Spiritual Consultancy is I am able to combine my passions – healing and writing – to provide you with the deepest insights and tools for transformation. 

Transformation is at the heart of healings – transmuting dark into light and integrating our shadow self where needed. A little bit of Alchemy you might say … We all need a little bit of that old magic in our lives. <3 


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